Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about True North Recovery & Wellness Center? What sets True North Recovery & Wellness Center apart from other “rehab” facilities?
We are a Methadone/Suboxone and Outpatient clinic, or Medication Assisted Treatment program (MAT). There are only 14 in the entire state. What sets us apart from other methadone clinics is our approach to clients. We don’t run them through an assembly line of dosing and ever-changing counselors. We have stable staff, and we are a Trauma Informed agency. We are also JRI (Justice Reform Initiative) certified, we can provide MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) and we have a high population of clients who are involved with the criminal justice system. We can provide Screenings/Assessments and offer a range of classes to fulfill Court ordered treatment.
What are your different treatment approaches?
We use some traditional approaches in therapy groups and individual therapy such as DBT, CBT and MI but we also use medication assisted which is not only Methadone and Suboxone but Vivitrol and Camporal and Naloxone. As a Trauma Informed agency, we use the latest Trauma therapy approaches and are also working on re-training the brain for trauma and brain injured clients..We provide screening and assessment services, substance abuse treatment and mental health counseling (we are not a mental health agency exclusively) incident to the addiction (most clients have an underlying mental health issue, and most is trauma based). And, unlike other clinics and programs, we LOVE our criminal justice clients! We love a good challenge! Working with Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) has been a great relationship!
How do you treat addictions?
With evidence based medications such as Methadone, Suboxone, Vivitrol, Camporal, Naloxone and we always treat the client as having a brain injury, not a moral failing or weakness. We encourage clients to find what works with them. If that is a 12 Step program outside our clinic that’s great but we do not force or require 12 Step meetings as the recent research shows dismal results with exclusively 12 Step programs.
What support does True North Recovery & Wellness Center offer to family?
Our counselors and therapists encourage family therapy and make it a point to meet and talk with all family members (with the proper releases of information) so they understand and are fully aware of and knowledgeable with the treatment their loved one is receiving. Our case managers are also able to refer family members to outside resources as well because we recognize that addiction does not operate in a vacuum. It is a family, even a community, issue.
Are there doctors onsite? Are they Medical doctors?
We have currently a PA-C who serves our MAT clients who is here daily, and a doctor of Osteopathy as our Medical Director who is here weekly. We also have an RN for dosing medications. Our doctor and PA-C will also see clients for routine medical care and psychiatric medications when needed.
Are there psychological doctors onsite? What is their role? What are therapy options?
Our Medical Director is skilled in dealing with secondary mental health issues and is very adept at prescribing the correct psychotropic medications. Individual therapy is not only offered but is the modality of choice with the MAT clients. Other clinics have a weekly group to fulfill the federal counseling requirements for those in MAT, but we feel a more individualized approach has better results and is catered to the individuals needs rather than just a general group. Our Outpatient non-MAT group consists of therapy groups and a Life Skills/Psych Ed groups.
How does one pay for treatment? Does insurance cover a patient's payments?

Although we do charge a fee for services, it is fair and minimal. We do work with Churches, Ecclesiastical leaders, Vocational Rehabilitation and private and public funding (Medicaid), VA and insurances. All treatment associated fees are included in the weekly/monthly fees such as group and individual therapy, case management, an on-site medical provider who is a trained addiction specialist and able to prescribe psychiatric medications when needed, urinalysis testing, assessments, and after care. After a client is discharged, there is no fee for returning to After Care as long as the client wishes. We receive absolutely no funding from the State of Utah or the Federal Government. We accept cash, Credit cards, HSA and FSA accounts, PayPal and all forms of payment except personal checks.

What if a patient doesn’t have insurance, what are their options?

Our case managers are well trained to find all available resources for clients. We have signed people up for Obama Care, Medicaid, Medicare and community resources.

What types of activities do you offer?

We do not have a rec therapist; however, we encourage our clients to be physically active. We have referred people to a Utah County program called Addict II Athlete, have found resources for local rec center passes as low or no cost for clients and a big part of our Life Skills groups cover physical fitness and the mind/body connection.

How long do your clients usually stay at your facility?

The gold standard for MAT is between 9 months to a year. Some patients stay longer, some stay shorter, but most fall into about a year and then an open-door policy for aftercare.

Do you keep track of individuals after they leave?

Absolutely! We have a mandatory 90 days of follow up phone calls and then about every 6 months after that for at least 2 years. We often don’t have to contact clients as they usually keep in touch with us. There is also a Facebook page for current and former clients that is well monitored.

How do you rate success of a patient? What is your success rate?

We don’t rate success of client, we let them rate their own success. It’s not our treatment, nor are any of the goals our goals. Clients create their own treatment plans. Most of our clients go on to do very well. We have had a few return for one reason or another (usually from trying to complete too fast) but considering we have had hundreds of Methadone and Suboxone clients, our “success rate” is good!